Property is likely to be the biggest and most expensive thing you’ll ever buy. That’s why we always recommend having a survey carried out.

The right survey will make sure the property is worth what you’re paying for it, and protect you against any underlying issues which could cause you headaches or the cost of remedial works in the future 

If you’re using a mortgage to buy your next property, your lender will insist upon a survey anyway. However, this is usually a fairly basic affair, which only aims to ensure the property you’re buying is worth the sum you’re borrowing, and won’t usually look too far beyond this. This is known as a Mortgage or Valuation Survey.

You do however have the option of a Homebuyer Survey, which is a much more thorough report, designed to highlight any major or urgent problems which may need addressing, either immediately or in the future (e.g. that a new roof might be required in the next five years, or that there is a woodworm infestation in the attic). Although having a Homebuyer Survey is entirely optional, we think it’s a very sensible move, and definitely worth some consideration.

There is also a Structural or Building Survey, which is the most comprehensive type of report, in which a structural engineer will actively look for any building defects, and the likely cost of any repair works necessary to remedy them.

If you’re unsure what type of survey is appropriate for the property you’re buying, or you just want some free impartial advice about surveys in general, give us a call.

We can also recommend several excellent chartered building surveyors, if you’re intending to obtain one.

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