OUR STORY so far

Our way of thinking

Our Company was established in early 2007 by its Managing Director, John Edwards.

Although at that time John had no prior experience within the industry (his background had previously been in sales and people management) he had a keen interest in buying and selling property, and a very clear vision of the business he wanted to build. Now, several years on, he is at the helm of a firmly established, successful, and well respected estate agency, and the Company’s unique boutique approach has enabled it to meet the challenges of a continually changing industry and property market.

The Company is also a keen investor in people, and strives to empower its team with continual training and development opportunities. We also take full advantage of new technology and social media, utilising it in uniquely creative and innovative ways to show off our property portfolios in the best possible light, and reaching the maximum number of people.

Our Company and its people are brimming with expertise, knowledge, creativity, enthusiasm, and professionalism. We’re proud of who we are, what we do, and how we do it, and we’re certain you’ll be impressed too.

Our Values

Our values are at the very heart of our culture at John Edwards & Co, and shape the way we work.
They reflect the heart and soul of us, and inform every decision we make as a Company.


We’ll only ever be honest with you, and we’ll always act in your best interest, even if that might sometimes conflict with ours.

You can be sure we’ll act with complete integrity 100% of the time. Our reputation is built on it.


We aim to make life better. For everyone.

 For you, that means finding your next dream home, getting you the best possible price for your property, or just taking the stress out of the moving process. For us, that means us taking pride in our work, grabbing every opportunity to grow our Company and its reputation, and sharing the rewards with our people.


We aim to overturn the often poor reputation of our industry, and that means holding ourselves to the highest possible standards at all times, and being fully accountable to you.

 We’ll act in your best interests 100% of the time, fearlessly take charge of difficult situations to get you what you need, and ensure that we’re always here to hold your hand through every step of the process.


The property market is constantly changing, and we know it’s essential for us to evolve with it.

 Whether fully utilising new technology to showcase your property in new and creative ways, or having a solid social media presence so we can communicate beyond the traditional boundaries, we’re constantly re-inventing the ways in which we do business, and ensuring we’re always one step ahead.



First class estate agency service
Tell you the truth (even the less welcome stuff)
Challenge perceptions
Build lasting relationships
Laugh often
Forensic attention to detail
Exceed expectations
Cakes. Lots of cakes
Support you and each other
Continually look for opportunities to improve



Follow the crowd
Overvalue just to win your business
Cut corners or take our eye off the ball
Give unrealistic expectations
Turn down the offer of a G&T (ever)
Forget that you’re our employer
Be target – rather than quality – driven
Keep you in the dark
Estate agent flannel

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